Welcome to Sanida Carroll, a handmade in Italy luxury lifestyle brand for sophisticated women, founded in New York in 2013.

    After years of traveling the world’s airports during my management consulting career, I realized the need for comfortable, high-quality, elegant-looking shoes for professional women. Comfortable heels like that were hard to find – most designer heels were too pricy, and neither comfortable nor work appropriate. And those heels that did highlight comfort often came in clunky designs and were made of low-quality material. So, I was inspired to make comfortable and high-quality shoes that project style and confidence for professional women available!

    With the goal of offering high-quality shoes, I flew to Italy to handpick the finest materials from top Italian tanneries and engage skilled craftspeople to produce the shoes. The boutique factory that I selected to produce Sanida Carroll shoes is the same one that produces for $600+ world famous designer shoes you see in high-end boutiques stores.

    However, while I was determined the shoes would be polished and practical, I didn’t want them to be too pricy. To maintain a reasonable price (and make them practical for buyers’ wallets), I decided to sell Sanida Carroll shoes exclusively online. With no middleman, I can eliminate the standard retail markup of 200 to 400 percent and offer luxury handmade Italian shoes at a truly disruptive price with free shipping and returns. The more reasonably priced, always comfortable, and elegant Sanida Carroll shoes are available at www.sanidacarroll.com

    Not only did my travels make me aware of an unfilled market niche, but it also opened my eyes to an acute human need. Deeply moved by the suffering I saw during my trip to Haiti a year after the earthquake — seeing the markets were filled with children walking barefoot, I decided to apply the philanthropic model to my business in order to give back in an impactful way and help others do that too. Then, the 3P’s principals of Sanida Carroll brand: Polished, Practical, and Philanthropic were born! I form a partnership with Soles4Souls, an international shoe charity, and commit to donating a new pair of functional shoes to a person in need for every pair of Sanida Carroll purchased, matching pair to pair.

    Finally, I want to make Sanida Carroll a lifestyle brand for sophisticated women, and more than just about shoes. So, I’ve created this blog to serve as a resource on matters related to fashion, career and lifestyles. I invite you to join the conversation - Comment, Tweet, Facebook and be engaged!

    When you think about shoes, think polish, think practicality, think philanthropy! Think Sanida Carroll! 


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