Tis’ the season for holiday work parties. The Holiday Office Party is it’s own animal. You are supposed to have fun and be merry, but at the same time you need to act professional. After all, you are at a party with your boss, colleagues and HR department. Here is a reminder so you don’t rock the boat too much at the office holiday party. 

    1. Know when to attend and leave the party 

    Unlike your annoying neighbor’s party, you actually need to attend this one on time. Fashionably late is not fine; arrive in the first 30 minutes if possible. Everyone remembers who stayed for just 10 minute or departed early. Senior managers should make a point of staying as long as possible. 

    2. Know your alcohol limit

    If you get drunk at a workplace party, your boss could be liable if you injure someone else. In some states, a host who serves alcohol to a clearly drunk guest may be held legally responsible if that person is later involved in a drunk driving incident or serious car crash. Getting your company sued is probably not conducive to continued employment. 

    3. Don’t post about the office party on social media

    This is pretty much a no-brainer. Even if you take the best selfie on earth that night, do not put it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. At many companies posting any kind of work-related event or activity on social media can be a violation of your company’s HR policy.

    4. Don’t take up too much of your boss’s time

    Your boss or any senior manager has a lot of people to say hello to so do not monopolize their time. Absolutely say a polite hello to your boss and chat for a bit. If you do end up falling into a deep conversation then just be aware of it. 

    5. Be cautious of what you say and who you say it too

    People tend to forget that they are at a party and start to become more honest and less inhibited, even if they aren’t drinking. This isn’t the place for strong political or religious opinions, arguments, gossip, or unflattering observations about colleagues. 

    6. Dress festively, but appropriately

    Of course you can add a little bit of holiday sparkle to your look but you are not out at a club on Saturday night. This means watch your cleavage and skirt length. To look polished and professional we suggest a pair of Sanida Carroll comfortable heels - handmade in Italy for all-day comfort at direct-to-consumer price.

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