There are so many choices for women when it comes to what to wear. And we all have different styles but there are a few items, especially for one’s professional wardrobe, that we should all agree on. We came up with a suggested list of six must-haves for the professional wardrobe. 

    1. Little Black Dress

    Of course, not too little as this is the workplace. But an LBD can be worn so many different ways. You could make it totally professional with a blazer and a pair of Sanida Carroll heels (Pentro or Catria). Or you may bring out a little edge with leopard flats and brighten it up with a fun cardigan, depending on your company's work culture and the industry you're in.

    LBDs from designers we love:
    a. Felisa dress from M.M. Lafleur
    b. Simone stretch wool asymmetrical neck dress from Dobbin
    c. Alyssa dress from Nora Gardner




    a. Left: Sanida Carroll Pentro High Heels 
    b. Middle: Sanida Carroll Catria Mid Heels
    c. Right: Sanida Carroll Giara Power Flats

    2. Great Black Heels

    This is where a pair of Sanida Carroll comfortable heels really come into play. They elongate the leg, make us taller (something very helpful to petite women) and could help empower women in the workplace.  But, you need to make sure you can actually walk in those heels with confidence and be comfortable which is what Sanida Carroll shoes emphasize. If you are tripping or walking at the pace of a snail or just look generally uncomfortable people will take note and judge you.  

    3. Power flats

    The flat is making a play for power, wrote The Wall Street Journal’s fashion expert Christina Brinkley. She wrote: “Long stuck in the purgatory of casual wear, flats are suddenly being promoted for polished occasions. Flats sleek enough to be dress shoes were paired with tailored suits and even with evening wear on the spring runways.” 

    Power flats have all the appeal of a heel with less trouble. The Giara Napa Quilt Flats from Sanida Carroll are a perfect example. 

    4. Statement Bag

    Not only does your bag enclose the contents of what you need to get through the day, but it also shows you are serious about how you look, that you know quality when you see it, and that you are worth that bag.

    Rachel Dodes of The Wall Street Journal addressed the importance of the statement bag beautifully:

    “In a modern, mobile world, there’s also something deeper going on with women and their bags, according to Judith Clark, professor of fashion and museology at the London College of Fashion. ‘On one level, it’s this banal thing: How do I choose a handbag?’ said Ms. Clark, who curated the permanent collection at the recently opened Simone Handbag Museum in Seoul. ‘But it’s also a very intimate decision, having to do with the privacy that goes along with the inside of a bag.’ In picking a bag, we are in essence showing the world how we pay respect to the contents of our lives, and perhaps even ourselves.”
    Plus, a statement bag can sometimes earn you money! “Classic, covetable bags can be sold for approximately 30-70 percent of their retail value on the secondary market,” Elizabeth Bernstein, Accessories Director at Portero, a luxury goods consignment site, told Daily Worth

    5. Well Tailored Blazer

    A great blazer can embellish just about any outfit. It can easily be paired with trousers, skirts and over dresses. Find a clean and well tailored one that is not too heavy and not too light, so it will work with you year round. 

    6. Statement Jewelry

    A statement jewelry is all about having fun and making a boring outfit something amazing. You don’t necessarily have to go for the big baubles. After all, pearls were Margaret Thatcher’s secret weapon.



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